Brass Weights

Brass Fishing Weights

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Bass Fishing

Brass fishing weights are useful in many different situations. For bass fishing, brass weights can add extra fishing attracting noise when paired with a glass bead and fished Texas or Carolina rigged with a soft plastic.

Fly Tying

Brass beads work great for fly tying as heads on various nymphs and streamer patterns. The natural brass color or nickel plated finishes make a nice bead head.

Steelhead and Trout Jigs

Another use for brass beads is as jig heads for steelhead jigs, salmon jigs, trout jigs, and more. The use of a brass bead or nickel plated brass bead pinned to the hook replaces the lead head on the jig. This makes the jig more environmentally friendly, and means that the angler does not have to work with lead when creating the jig or tying it onto their line.

Spinner components

Brass also works great as components for lures such as spinners.

Brass bead steelhead jig

Brass bead steelhead jig