Eco Weights

190 piece Lead Free weight assortment Lead Free wire – nontoxic


Tungsten Skinny Drop Shot Weights Reusable Tin Split Shot


Thill Non-toxic Split Shot Non-toxic dumbbell eyes

More ECO Weights

Many eco weights on the market are created from lead alternative materials like tin, bismuth, iron, tungsten, brass and more.

It can be the case that these materials, like tungsten, are denser, harder and heavier than lead, so it is actually advantageous to the angler to use an eco weight in place of lead. In these cases not only does the eco weight not damage the ecosystem but it also can improve the anglers catch. A smaller, heavier weight does less to spook the fish and fishes easier.

Not only are there real fishing advantages to using alternative lead materials like tungsten and brass, but the environmental advantage is an extra bonus.