Lead Free Fishing Tackle

Eco lead free egg sinkersWelcome to Lead free fishing tackle.com. Here you will find relevant and up to date information on non-toxic lead alternative fishing weights and sinkers, product reviews, conservation information, and products.From tungsten fishing weights, bismuth shot and non lead sinkers, to fly fishing weights, you’ll find information on it here.

Why lead Free Fishing Tackle?

Whether you’re a hardcore bass fisherman, a die hard fly angler, or a weekend warrior, lead alternative fishing tackle most likely has a place in your tackle box or vest.

Anglers are carrying more lead free fishing weights and sinkers now in order to comply with local laws as well as to lesson the impact on the environment.

There are a wide variety of non toxic lead alternative choices available to todays angler. Here you’ll find information on the different choices benefits of each.

Types of Lead Free Fishing Weights

Tungsten fishing weights are heavier, denser, and smaller than traditional lead weights.  Combine that with their non-toxic properties makes them a great alternative to lead.

  • Bismuth Shot

Bismuth split shot is a non-toxic material that acts very much like lead. Shaped like traditional split shot, simply pinch the bismuth variety onto the leader or mainline with pliers.

Brass fishing weights and sinkers make a wonderful alternative to lead and are especially useful for bass fishing, steelhead jigs and mini trout and crappie jigs.

ECO fishing weightsare fully biodegradable weights and sinkers. When left submerged underwater they  degrade naturally and harmlessly back into the system.

  • Fly Fishing Weights

There are many types and brands of non lead fly fishing weights and sinkers available on the market for use in both fishing application and fly tying. Non lead split shot and soft putty made of materials like tungsten work great for getting your fly down to the fish while tungsten bead heads and eyes are great for fly tying.

Non lead fishing weights and sinkers are an environmentally safe lead substitute made of a composite of lead free materials.


brook trout

Conservation of our lakes and rivers eco-systems is not a new concept. The practice of conservation through non toxic materials, catch and release, and selective harvest helps sustain fisheries for future generations enjoyment and economic benefit. Both sport and commercial anglers need to take a vested interest in the health of our waterways to ensure future stocks of wild fish and wildlife. Future minded states have begun banning lead for use in select waterways and even statewide.